• SATEI: A place to
    experience the town spirit.
    -Proudly original with a sense of Kanazawa-

  • Kanazawa's town spirit (Machigokoro) encompasses
    the manufacturing of quality items and the ability
    to discern beauty by oneself.
    SATEI is a place to entertain that welcomes you with
    the spirit of Chanoyu. Here, exciting encounters await you.

  • MORE
  • Enjoy precious once in a lifetime cultural encounters

  • A service provided in the guest lounge to help you encounter the Kanazawa Machigokoro. This is where a unique once in a lifetime experienced can be found.

  • A guest room in "SATEI" especially for you

  • The colors of Kanazawa are visible in this simple and calm space. A relaxing time while on your travels starts with tea brewed from tea leaves.

  • Culture is born from moments of peaceful harmony A new type of Chaya (teahouse)

  • A place where you can interact with others and through a sense of shared harmony, enjoy the time and surroundings. Kanazawa Terroir born from and inspired by Kanazawa food culture.

  • Time spent here is relaxation for enjoying Kanazawa.

  • Enjoy a light sweat in the fitness room and then relax and relieve your fatigue in the large bath. This is how to spend your day.


  • Area information

  • Information about the town, gathered, exchanged, and transmitted from this location.
    A step beyond tourism, into a deeper experience of the town. This is Kanazawa Machigokoro.



  • Approx. 13 min by taxi from Kanazawa station
    Approx. 30 min walk from Kanazawa station
    Approx. 1min walk from Katamachi chuo street bus stop
    Approx. 3 min walk from Katamachi bus stop

  • From Station

  • From Airport

  • By Car

  • Parking (2,000 Yen per night)
    Parking spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If the lot is full, we can direct you to a nearby parking area.
    ◎ Parking space limited - when possible, please use public transportation.