• Kanazawa, the castle town of Kaga Hyakumangoku, is a rare town that has deepened its culture over the years.

  • Kanazawa has long been a town of samurai culture, created by samurai, in which song and Chanoyu tea culture are cherished but this culture was also enjoyed by the local commoners. It is a city in Japan with a particularly rich culture. Many rich cultural crafts survive to this day in Kanazawa. The long held spirit of craftsmanship is a beautiful crystallization of Kanazawa's Machigokoro.


  • A space filled with the essence of the people who have nurtured the culture of Kanazawa, Ishikawa.

  • The panel hung on the ceiling of Noto Hiba is adorned with Takaoka copper ware, a traditional craft from Takaoka city, a town founded by Toshinaga Maeda, 2nd lord of Kaga.The characteristic shelves of the gallery were made using a splicing technique that takes advantage of the wood’ s pliability without using a single nail.This place adored with traditional craftsmanship quality is where people gather.