• cuisine
    Kanazawa Terroir inspired
    by Kanazawa food culture.

  • It is a cuisine, combining seasonal fresh ingredients, local taste and Western techniques. Enjoy this contemporary Western-style Chaya (Tea House) cuisine together with your loved ones.

  • Hospitality in a friendly and playful environment. New Chaya dishes await.

  • “Chaya”(Tea House) culture still remains in Kanazawa today and it is a place where people can also enjoy refined cuisine and lively entertainment together with friends and families. With Western style cooking techniques, a contemporary Japanese and Western Style Tea House cuisine is created. Enjoy the new style of cuisine with savory sake!


  • space design
    Red that stands out with brilliance and power.

  • Teahouse energy is expressed through the use of impressive and powerful red.

  • The red used in Kanazawa teahouses is Bengara red. A slightly reddish deep purple color. This traditional color creates liveliness in Dining Souza.

  • Expressing the Hakusan mountain range and rain, a large art piece adorns the ceiling - "Hakusan Kiu".

  • This art piece expresses the joyful spring rain that showers on Mt. Hakusan and its radiant mountain surface, designed using 3D topographic data.


  • Counter

  • Watch as your meal is prepared while enjoying lively conversation and stimulating Japanese sake. Learn about the chef's insistence to ingredients and preparation details.

  • Private room spaces

  • Dining spaces for groups and private parties. Reservations available for occasions such as Christmas parties, end of the year gatherings, welcome parties, and more.