• The spirit of Chanoyu has been infused into our hotel service.

  • Ichié・Lounge was crafted in the image of a tea room. The aromatic steam from the boiling tea kettle and the beautiful warm Noto Hiba wood, the prefectural tree of Ishikawa, greet you as you enter the space.

  • The Ichié Lounge offers free Matcha tea and Japanese sweets to all guests. Our thanks for your visit is incorporated into each individually brewed cup of tea. We hope it will provide for a moment of relaxation during which your expectations for pleasurable travels grows.

    ◎As well as complimentary drinks. (Some items on the menu are available for a fee.)


  • Encounter Kanazawa crafts that touch and excite your heart.

  • The lined up crafts inspire with
    the heart of their creators.

  • On the shelf made from Noto Hiba wood and with traditional techniques, various items collected with cooperation from locals are displayed. You may purchase one of these works of art and take it home for your enjoyment.

  • Events for experiencing Kanazawa crafts are also held. Create a delightful memory while crafting an item together with a skilled professional.

  • Order your own original craft item.

  • Crafts are usually made by special order from a craftsman. You can specify your preferences and intended use and get a one and only special made craft item.


  • Machigokoro Map complete with special locations and infused with good sense.

  • A map of Kanazawa, which resembles a round window in a tea room, shows various information in Kanazawa, including our staff recommendations for places to visit. Not only a tool for information, it can also be used as a platform from which customers can share their memorable experiences. It continues to lead future customers to even bigger experiences and has become a guide board filled with excitement.